Note From the Editor

Gavin Johnson created this blog to facilitate discussion of news, strategy, and legal issues for small business and entrepreneurs. I’ll be your editor, providing you with weekly updates on various issues related to your small business.

Small businesses are an integral part of our communities. I’m a lawyer and a small business owner, but most importantly, I’m a passionate entrepreneur who is looking to invigorate the small business community. My goal is to offer you a lawyer’s perspective on legal and business issues and strategies for small businesses.

My primary focus is to provide useful tools, tips, and considerations for your small business, and I’d like your input in order to achieve this. I’d love to hear from you about what topics you’d like to read about, stay up-to-date on, or understand more clearly. I’m always open to new ideas and suggestions. The discussion section at the end of each post is meant to facilitate an open, meaningful discussion between small business professionals concerned with creating a successful, sustainable small business community.

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I hope my blog is a useful resource for you and your business.

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