Need to know the basics about reseller permits in Washington? The Washington Department of Revenue actually has some really helpful information on its site, but we’ll also highlight today some of the key things to know:

Do you need a reseller permit?
You do if (1) you resell goods, and (2) you don’t want to pay sales tax on the goods you’re going to resell.

What does a reseller permit do?
A reseller permit allows retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers using component parts to purchase goods that will later be resold to customers without paying sales tax on the initial purchase of the goods.

How much does a reseller permit cost?
A reseller permit is free. You just complete a form either online or by downloading and…

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In an opinion released yesterday, the Washington Court of Appeals served up a nice reminder of how important it is to understand and be familiar with the terms of your contract.

The dispute was between Conagra Foods, a potato processor, and DC Farms, a potato producer that had some issues making satisfactory deliveries to the processor. Conagra Foods determined that DC Farms was not going to be able to complete delivery according to the terms of their contract and therefore delivered notice of termination, alleging that DC Farms had breached the contract.

DC Farms filed a lawsuit claiming that Conagra Foods breached the contract because there was a notice-and-cure provision in the contract and rather than giving DC Farms notice and a seven…

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