Strapped for cash? Well there’s another lender in town: Amazon. I’m sure you’ve heard the name, but you’ve probably never considered Amazon as a small business lender. The e-commerce giant recently launched Amazon Lending, which offers direct financing to its marketplace sellers. Through Amazon’s Capital Service division, the program offers an alternative option for small businesses to get credit, enabling the merchants to purchase additional inventory even if cash flow is low.

How’s it work?
Sellers apply for loans directly from their Amazon accounts, and if approved, the funds will be advanced to the seller’s Amazon account within five business days. Loan repayments are taken directly from the seller’s account as they are due.

Keep in mind, this “Amazon  cash” is not cheap. …

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The Seminar Group hosted a forum at Seattle’s waterfront, at the Edgewater Hotel, to discuss some of the pressing issues surrounding the JOBS Act, which was signed into law earlier this year. The forum focused on discussing the opportunities for investors once the SEC issues the final rules, and outlined all the details that are currently known about the new law.

The presentation kicked things off with Sara Hanks, co-founder of CrowdCheck, and Paul Swegle, an attorney at Kinsel Law Offices and former general counsel of ShareBuilder Corp. Swegle previously worked at the SEC as an investigator. The presentation focused mainly on the crowdfunding aspects of the JOBS Act.

Portions of the current regulations will remain in effect. Specifically, those regulations that…

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Wells Fargo’s quarterly survey of small business owners found that the outlook for Main Street isn’t particularly positive for the next 12 months. The Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index reflects business owners’ concerns about their financial outlook for revenue and cash flow by asking small business owners about six areas: financial situation, cash flow, revenue, capital spending, hiring, and credit availability.

The highlights—perhaps ‘lowlights’ is more accurate—of the survey include:

The number of small business owners expecting to be in a good financial position over the next 12 months is down 7%.
The number of those owners expecting to increase sales in the next 12 months is down 6%.
The number of small business owners describing their financial situation as somewhat or very poor…

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Small businesses aren’t the only ones relying heavily on advances in technology to increase efficiency and, ultimately, profits sertraline 50 mg. Small business lenders are using advances in technology to make more detailed risk assessments of potential borrowers, which has increased the ability of banks and other funders to offer products specifically targeted to the needs of startup businesses.

Specifically, the advances in technology and accessibility to a larger pool of data allows underwriters to spread risk across a wider range of geography and industries, lower acquisition costs, reduce the need to open new bank branches, offer paperless loan applications—which refines underwriting and speeds up the lending application process—develop targeted financial products geared toward startups, and lower significantly the cost of…

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