As an entrepreneur, 2012 has been an exciting year in terms of progressive legislation. The JOBS Act, which is aimed at promoting start-up financing and includes access to capital via crowdfunding, seems to be a positive sign that Congress is trying to advance entrepreneurial interests. In addition to the JOBS Act, the Senate Small Business Committee is working on the early stages of another entrepreneur-focused bill. Wednesday, the Committee met to discuss the landmark bill, which is being called Perspectives from the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Creating Jobs and Growing Businesses Through Entrepreneurship.

The goal of the bill is to make entrepreneurial ecosystems stronger, i.e. create more start-ups and generate more quality jobs. The Committee roundtable discussion is focusing on developing the foundation…

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By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the term crowdfunding, as its popularity has grown exponentially in the past few months due to pending legislation, the Entrepreneur Access to Capital Act. Today’s post will explain what crowdfunding is, the pending legislation permitting it, and its effects on entrepreneurs, investors, and small businesses across the U.S.

What is Crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding is a way for businesses to raise money through small contributions from a large number of people. This type of investing is said to combine the best of microfinance and crowdsourcing into a convenient investment tool for entrepreneurs and investors.

Pending Legislation: The Entrepreneur Access to Capital Act (H.R. 2930):
Currently, entrepreneurs and investors face a number of costly Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) registration requirements, compliance…

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