Wells Fargo’s quarterly survey of small business owners found that the outlook for Main Street isn’t particularly positive for the next 12 months. The Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index reflects business owners’ concerns about their financial outlook for revenue and cash flow by asking small business owners about six areas: financial situation, cash flow, revenue, capital spending, hiring, and credit availability.

The highlights—perhaps ‘lowlights’ is more accurate—of the survey include:

The number of small business owners expecting to be in a good financial position over the next 12 months is down 7%.
The number of those owners expecting to increase sales in the next 12 months is down 6%.
The number of small business owners describing their financial situation as somewhat or very poor…

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Today I came across an article that noted small business owners’ concerns for the immediate future of small business in the U.S. At a town-hall meeting at Small Business Week 2012, entrepreneurs from a wide-range of industries gathered to voice their concerns. The annual meeting, held in Washington D.C., kicks off the National Small Business Week.

Small Business Administration (SBA) administrator Karen Mills started the meeting by discussing how small businesses can help create a healthier economy. She noted that the SBA had a record year, as it guaranteed over $30 billion in loans to small businesses.

Despite the record year for the SBA, many attending entrepreneurs still had serious concerns with three areas in particular:

Access to capital. The attendees repeatedly voiced…

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In the wake of the recent passage of the JOBS Act, a group of top debt and equity crowdfunding platform experts launched the Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA). Yesterday in New York City, an excited, growing community of crowdfunding proponents gathered with the goal of uniting the many voices powering this “historic breakthrough in capital creation.”

Crowdfunding, in very simple terms, allows startups and other businesses to raise up to $1 million per year from investors through online funding portals (websites). Check out this article for a comprehensive rundown of crowdfunding in plain English terms.

Berkeley Geddes, chair of the CfPA executive committee, recently told Street Fight that “crowdfunding gives a chance to the entrepreneur who was not born into privilege to create…

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There’s a good chance you’ve been inconvenienced at some point in the last year due to the heavy construction going on in the South Lake Union area of Seattle. I know I’ve had to re-route my trip plenty of times due to closed streets and bright orange detour signs. Despite the inconveniences, the South Lake Union neighborhood (particularly Westlake Avenue) has flourished in recent years—due, perhaps, in large part to Amazon relocating its offices (and thousands of employees) to the South Lake Union neighborhood. The neighborhood has attracted a number of restaurants including Cactus, Portage Bay Cafe, re:public, Flying Fish, and Tom Douglas’ Serious Pie and Bravehorse Tavern. You can grab a burger at Blue Moon Burger, while getting your…

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